DCOMIX is a multi-user, decentralized webcomics platform, where you can create your own comics and earn from it.

Basically, DCOMIX is a dedicated webcomics host where users can sign up and upload their own comics on a webspace with its own URL.

Main URL: dcomix.com
Your webcomics URL: dcomix.com/yourwebcomicstitle

Webcomic creators can use their own WordPress templates and settings without affecting other users. So they can organize each webcomic into collected works that, when published, appear in different sizes (single, double, three, or four-panel comics) with individual web pages.


Any DCOMIX webcomic can use the SteemPress plugin and connect to Steem blockchain where content is rewarded with cryptocurrency [STEEM, Steem Dollars (SBD)] based on upvotes from users.

Users are required to get a FREE Steem-backed account from Steemit.com before they can use Dcomix with SteemPress plugin.


Meet The Dcomix Team


@lovebooster His experience as a social innovator and cyberian goes back many years, as a Blogger Beta tester, Wikipedia editor, Web search analyst, and many other platform content management roles. He is DCOMIX’s project founder and also Fundition’s Ambassador for Team Philippines.


@artgigs has over 15 years experience in human resource recruitment and she understands the significance of a person’s well-being in any production, no matter how small. She’s DCOMIX’s investor manager and is pursuing diversification strategy to help the team make an informed decision.


@kingswisdom is the founder of the Steem Messenger project. His passion to make the Steemit community become a better place led him to connect with DCOMIX as an adviser for its development.


@looserwin really enjoys drawing ever since he was little. He draws to express not to impress, and he wants everyone to know that anyone can draw they just have to try.


All DCOMIX Team members are dynamic Steemians. To kickstart the realization of this community-based project, we are encouraging Steemians from all over the Steemit ecosystem to join us as volunteers. We want to work closely with you and strengthen the capacity of STEEM to enhance our quality of life.