DCOMIX.com Platform and SteemPress

DCOMIX.com platform is now active online with the open source SteemPress plugin.

Here, at Dcomix, our mission is to help you create your own comics and earn from it. So creating your webcomics with Dcomix is vital to your monetary needs and, through SteemPress, it’s now possible to connect them all to the Steem ecosystem. These innovations are great motivators too for bloggers and artists to invest in.

As with any users of Steemit, investment is key. It would be a good practice to set aside time, perhaps three times a week (MWF/TThS), to create your comics and showcase them on DCOMIX platform. The Dcomix Team is here to assist you with what you hope to achieve with your webcomics in the near future. We will be your friends and, through collaboration, we can work wonders. Think of Dcomix as a multiverse — you have your own world with your own characters — but you can cross over to other worlds and follow your fave comics creators too.

This is a very significant aspect of running any webcomic site. As previously stated in Dcomix’s About Page, each user can upload comics on a webspace with its own URL.

Main URL: dcomix.com
Your webcomics URL: dcomix.com/yourwebcomicstitle

In fact, any Dcomix webcomic creator is able to use a WordPress template and add SteemPress plugin. That said, your published Dcomix content will also be posted on your Steemit blog.

Source: wordpress.org/plugins/steempress/

When it comes to innovation, a general rule of thumb is to try out ideas without being afraid of risks. And when you invest on webcomic creators with Dcomix, it’s important to believe in their creativity and value their intangible assets [vision, intellectual property (IP), motivation, etc].

Try DCOMIX.com with SteemPress today and help create a multiverse conducive to Steem user’s success.

@lovebooster His experience as a social innovator and cyberian goes back many years, as a Blogger Beta tester, Wikipedia editor, Web search analyst, and many other platform content management roles. He is DCOMIX’s project founder and also Fundition’s Ambassador for Team Philippines.


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