Welcome to Dcomix multiverse!

DCOMIX is a decentralized webcomics platform. The “dcomix” name came from digital comics. So this project is all about creating your own comics and uploading your work to a dedicated webcomic host where you can earn from it. Just like your Steemit blog, it’s a Steem-backed website but you’ll have more control and customization features.


DCOMIX, as your dedicated webcomic host, will provide you a webspace where you can publish your comic. Membership is free when you sign up and join as creator or watcher. You will have fully customizable pages, a creator or watcher profile, and your own comic url.


So DCOMIX PROJECT is a community-owned venture, not a personal business scheme.

When we set out to work on this, we had in mind what Fundition (the decentralized crowdfunding platform) started with the HEART system — it’s a joint effort.

We knew we had something exciting on our hands when members of the Steemit Webcomics group gave us positive responses, in the truest sense of becoming Collaborators and Backers.

To hatch the DCOMIX site quickly and bring in the investors, we have partnered with Fundition.io for community-based funding.

You can also contribute any amount you wish through upvotes, Steem transfer, and paypal.

Have any other recommendations? Let us know and send your proposal to dcomixhub[@]gmail.com

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