Rebuilding Human Dignity through DCOMIX Platform with Fundition

Think about what kind of operations you would like to invest in. They are not just projects, they are rebuilding human dignity.

If websites need to be reinvented in order for comics creators to earn from their works, then let’s change them. Help us build DCOMIX, a decentralized webcomics platform wherein artists can earn Steem Dollars from their comic strips.

DCOMIX project is a community initiative and if you have something to contribute, give what you can give: ideas, skill, money, contact persons, etc. When we set out to work on this, we had in mind what (the decentralized crowdfunding platform) started with the HEART system — it’s a joint effort.

Fundition is helping us in this simple beginning and we are thankful for the seed fund that we are receiving. So with the crowdfunding system, join our goal to help the webcomic creators survive and grow. We look forward for your donations to provide an opportunity for hundred of artists to earn and be featured through DCOMIX.

In our initial set up, we are inviting you to join us through Fundition and be our collaborators, backers, supporters and/or investors.

So we are asking directly for your help to finance the DCOMIX platform. Click the linked image to donate any amount… Thank you so much in advance for your wonderful support!

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