WE WANT YOU! — Dcomix looking for coders and comic creators

I said it: WE WANT YOU! We need the help of coders interested in supporting our cause.

We’re looking for coders who will help us out make our dream a reality. A place where webcomics enthusiast (creators and readers) can stay and share their content. It will be a place running in the steem blockchain, having of the crypto world, joined with the awesomeness of comics!!! This place is called DCOMIX.

We’re a group of people with a common passion for webcomics. Some of us are amateur coders, some are pro coders, and some are non-coders but love making comics. But we still need a lot more people that are both passionate in comics as well as coding.

Our group leader and the one who started the movement is the amazing @lovebooster! He’s been doing great work trying to recruit people too, come up with great ideas and promote this idea in general.

We’re looking for support with Fundition.io to help us make this project come true. There’s some extra info on how they will help in this link.

If you’re interested pelase join us at the DCOMIX discord server so we can chat about the project and also have fun :D. You can also find more info at @dcomix.

Well that’s it for now. Please do check out the dcomix server…

@cobmaximus has been working with cartoon syndicates and one of the leaders of the Steemit Webcomics coumminty. Besides being a cartoonist, he is a food enthusiast, blogger, and gamer. He is backing DCOMIX as a sponsor and is very excited to see the project’s fruition.

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