Dcomix ‘Fish Scales’ Comic Strip Contest

Be our guest artist of the week for Fish Scales and win 5 SBD!!!

Hello Steem Ocean community! Sharky, Minny, Planky, Dolphy, and Whaly [left to right] need your participation this week as our guest comix artist. So let you creativity run wild and make your own Fish Scales gag that we can enjoy, upvote, and resteem today!


  • Make your own Fish Scales comix of the day (Click for character and story idea here)
  • Use black and white colors
  • Clean humor only please
  • Hashtags: #dcomix and #fishscales
  • Comment your entry below
  • Only one entry per person
  • Upvote and resteem this contest post so others can join


This week’s winner will be featured in Dcomix’s Fish Scales site and will win 5 SBD.

Plus, you will be interviewed as a comix creator and your own comic strip will be showcased in Dcomix.com for a week.

So join this contest now and apply via our DCOMIX.com ‘Comix Creator’ Event Registration form for your special spot in our platform.

Together we can build the Dcomixverse with our comix creations and earn from it.

Join us!

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