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Hi Dcomixers! Webcomic creators like to get their hands dirty with ComicPress theme because they can use different page layouts or simply choose the default 3 column like what we did with Fish Scales comix below:


Plus, if you want, you can choose one style from the 5 schemes that can add personality to your frontend, namely Boxed, Sandy, Mecha, CEasel, and High Society.

Now, if you want your readers to browse your comic with ease, just add navigation buttons above and/or below your blog post.


For more info on ComicPress, check out comicpress.org.



We are always thankful to Steemit and Fundition in providing us a platform that we can use to showcase our comics and invite backers for our crowdfunding.

Also, we would like to acknowledge the SteemPress team for their wonderful plugin project that easily connects Dcomix.com to Steemit.

If you’re a comics enthusiast and you’re interested in earning from your artwork but you cannot buy your own website, just message us and we will help you in creating your own webcomic site.

Together we can build the Dcomixverse with our comix creations and earn from it.

Join us!

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Steemit : @lovebooster

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