Dcomix Project: Superman Cartoons In Fancomics Format

Through fancomix (aka fancomics), Steemit now can gain more users and readers with the help of Dcomix.com. Fancomic generates 100% community engagement because it’s a comic created by fans for other fans.┬áSo we’d like to get that fan-based movement here. For us to do that, we will be transforming into digital comics the seventeen animated short films released in Technicolor by Paramount Pictures. That said, we are giving you The Fleischer Superman Cartoons in comics format today!

From the public domain to Dcomix.com and the Superman Story blog, we want to explore the power of fancomics and increase reading interest and creativity in Steem ecosystem. Well, Superman, during The Golden Age of American animation, was even nominated for the Academy Award. Amazing, right?


If you’re a comics enthusiast and you’re interested in earning from your artwork but you cannot buy your own website, just message us and we will help you in creating your own webcomic site.

Together we can build the Dcomixverse with our comix creations

and earn from it.

Join us!

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