In the Steem Ocean block, you can notice Planky the Plankton’s mental block moments because he’s usually fantasizing about his future state of worthiness in the crypto-digging ecosystem. You’ll often spot him staring at Minny the Minnow for some reason but then a witty discussion just pops up out of the blue and the Fish Scales platform is never the same again, ever.


Planky the Plankton is the smallest fish… er… creature in the Steem Ocean who wants to be big like Whaly the Whale.  He works with Minny the Minnow in the Fish Scales doing crypto-digging just to survive but gets caught up with Sharky the Shark’s scheme to make themselves shimmer and shine… somehow.






Minny the Minnow is a crypto-digger whom Planky develops a BFF interest in. She shares her secrets and bipolar tendencies with Dolphy the Dolphin, her other BFF.








Dolphy the Dolphin watches over the Fish Scales network and often visits Minny just for the crypto-digging updates whether it will be published or not for the Steem Ocean block.







Sharky the Shark is a deranged schemer who sets out a late-night comedy hangout for the little fish, like Planky or Minnow, to make a name for themselves. His tip, worth tens of dollars, could be the only hope for Fish Scales workers to survive in the crypto-digging industry.






Whaly the Whale, the big boss, considers Fish Scales as a platform where the little fish can be excited about crypto-digging and explore their full potential.  His tip or reward, worth hundreds of dollars, is rarely acknowledged because of his rare appearance in the Steem Ocean block. But you know that he’s there all the time.






Hey, the characters of Fish Scales brings diversity and life into the Steem Ocean block. Though the water creatures here represent people’s influence in the Steem ecosystem, still you’ll enjoy how they’d flash their scales throughout the community.

Fish Scales is a satirical Steem blockchain funny comic strip written and illustrated by @timliwanag for