Yo, Fish Scalers!  First, let me say that Planky, Minny, Dolphy, Sharky, and Whaly were so happy yesterday when they got 6 upvotes and their first 0.05 SBD, 0.05 STEEM, and 0.09 SP. They’re readying their wallets this time, you know, they’re crypto-diggers! Um, but you deserve more laughs so they’ll do more than that. Actually, they work for food.

Hey, I’m just curious, here’s a ?4U: Do you feel offended if someone in Discord chat or Facebook messenger falls asleep when you’re talking to  them? Well, you shouldn’t be because s/he might be living in a different time zone. Plus, s/he might be a sleep talker too. Ha!

Oh, before I log out, please give Fish Scales some <33. My three girls are listing your Steemit handles in their diaries if you upvote and resteem this comix. 10X

Going offline now. 831 88



SBD — Steem Dollars

STEEM — a cryptocurrency [token] in Steem Blockchain

SP — Steem Power

?4U — question for you

<33 — love/heart

10X — Thanks

831 — I love you

88  — hugs and kisses